Thursday, August 4, 2016

Got Crystals?

Are You Looking For A Special Crystal?
Have a Session with Ms Masta Foxx, where She Prescribes You the Crystals that fit Your needs!
Crystals have Natural Healing Powers & are Great to use for Natural Healing Meditation, Chakra Balancing
& Much More!!!
(Crystals are Cleansed & Charged by Ms Masta Foxx)
**Free 15 Min Consultation For 1st Time Clients**

Ms Masta Foxx aka "The Energy Whisperer"

I'm Ms Masta Foxx aka "The Energy Whisperer"...I Specialize In Chakra Balancing, Energy Therapy, Guided Meditation & The Law Of Attraction! My Snapchat Is msmastafoxx...

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

08/02/16 Welcoming The New Moon! 🌚🌘🔥*Light Your Candles & Charge Your Crystals !*🔥🌘

08/02/16 Welcoming The New Moon!
*Light Your Candles & Charge Your Crystals !*

The New Moon is in Leo. It's Time to Focus on & Channel Love Energy Which Will Re-Light Your Inner Fire! Leo energy releases Creative Waves of Energy! Have Self-Love & Express Your True Self! A Huge Transition is Occuring! Focus on Generosity, Gratitude, Abundance & Togetherness! Appreciate Diversity & You will Connect to Endless Possibilities! Channel the Higher Consciousness & fill Yourself with High Vibes. Embrace New Energy & Let go of the Past. Have Fun! Create Playful situations & Focus On Joy! This Fire Energy will Motivate, Balance Your Solar Plexus Chakra & Shine A Light on Your Inner Truths. Loosen Up, Meditate in Nature & Sun Gaze! Truly Enjoy Your Life's Journey!
Much Love & Light! ;) ♡
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