Saturday, September 24, 2016

"Tribe Of Higher Consciousness" AKA T.H.C. ...Be Apart Of The Movement...

...Be Apart Of The Movement...

"Tribe Of Higher Consciousness" AKA T.H.C.

...Join Us On This Cosmic Journey That We Call Life, As We Collectively Raise Our Vibrations To Higher Universal Frequencies! The Founders, Crystal Gyrlz, Ms Masta Foxx & Ms Whizdom, Are New Age Modern Philosophers, Neo Polymaths, 5D Beings & Law Of Attraction Specialists! Also, We Are Creators Of Mind Fit Radio, 5th D Radio & Mind Lab Webinar! We Truly Enjoy Opening Your Mind To New & Higher Vibes!

For More Info, Email Us At Or Check Our Websites:,, &
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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Got Crystals?

Are You Looking For A Special Crystal?
Have a Session with Ms Masta Foxx, where She Prescribes You the Crystals that fit Your needs!
Crystals have Natural Healing Powers & are Great to use for Natural Healing Meditation, Chakra Balancing
& Much More!!!
(Crystals are Cleansed & Charged by Ms Masta Foxx)
**Free 15 Min Consultation For 1st Time Clients**

Ms Masta Foxx aka "The Energy Whisperer"

I'm Ms Masta Foxx aka "The Energy Whisperer"...I Specialize In Chakra Balancing, Energy Therapy, Guided Meditation & The Law Of Attraction! My Snapchat Is msmastafoxx...

For More Info Check Out My Websites & Much Love! ;) ♡ #LawOfAttractionSpecialist #MsMastaFoxx #TheEnergyWhisperer #FrequencyEffect #MindStimulators #TheFrequencyEffectMethod #EnergyWhispererTip

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

08/02/16 Welcoming The New Moon! 🌚🌘🔥*Light Your Candles & Charge Your Crystals !*🔥🌘

08/02/16 Welcoming The New Moon!
*Light Your Candles & Charge Your Crystals !*

The New Moon is in Leo. It's Time to Focus on & Channel Love Energy Which Will Re-Light Your Inner Fire! Leo energy releases Creative Waves of Energy! Have Self-Love & Express Your True Self! A Huge Transition is Occuring! Focus on Generosity, Gratitude, Abundance & Togetherness! Appreciate Diversity & You will Connect to Endless Possibilities! Channel the Higher Consciousness & fill Yourself with High Vibes. Embrace New Energy & Let go of the Past. Have Fun! Create Playful situations & Focus On Joy! This Fire Energy will Motivate, Balance Your Solar Plexus Chakra & Shine A Light on Your Inner Truths. Loosen Up, Meditate in Nature & Sun Gaze! Truly Enjoy Your Life's Journey!
Much Love & Light! ;) ♡
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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Are You A Stoned Freq?!

Are You A Stoned Freq?!

High Vibes Only! Stoned Freq Was Created By Crystal Gyrlz, 
Ms Masta Foxx & Ms Whizdom!

Crystal, Chakra Balancing, Herbal/Flower
Meditation/Therapy & More!

Apparel & Accessories Coming Soon!
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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Energy Readings & Tarot/Chakra Zodiac Card Readings With Ms Masta Foxx!

Get an Energy Reading or Tarot/Chakra Zodiac Card With Ms Masta Foxx. She Channels Universal Energy & Becomes a Vessel for the Universe to speak through. She is also Hypersensitive & feels Subtle Energies that may be hidden! Get a better understanding about a specific question or your life's path! ;)

Services Are Available Online Webcam, Chat, Over-the-phone & In-Person (Local Only).

Sunday, July 3, 2016

07/04/16 Welcoming The New Moon! 🌚🌘🔥*Light Your Candles & Charge Your Crystals !*🔥🌘

07/04/16 Welcoming The New Moon! 
*Light Your Candles & Charge Your Crystals !*

The New Moon is in Cancer. We have been going through Deep emotional transformations & this energy will help Heal & Balance our Inner Energy Flow. Cancer energy brings Strong Creative & Nurturing energy. It is A Powerful time also known as the Womb of Life & it will Birth Inspiration & New Experiences! It's time to live our Visions & Dreams! Channel the Wisdom & Love Energy of this New Moon. Set New Intentions & Trust Your Evolution. Forgiveness, Healing & Self-Love are Important to Focus on!
Much Love & Light! ;) ♡
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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Get A Free Preview Of "The Frequency Effect Method"

Thank You To The Hundreds Of People That Purchased
Our New Ebook & Audio Book!!!

*If You Haven't Already, Get A Free Preview Of Or Buy Our Ebook & Audio Book, "The Frequency Effect Method"... Go To

*"The Frequency Effect Method Helps You Understand The Secrets To The Law Of Attraction!" ~ Master Mind Stimulators, Ms Masta Foxx & Ms Whizdom

*This Ebook/Audio Book Is A Chapter In Our Upcoming Book...
"Frequency Effect: Secrets To The Law Of Attraction", Coming Soon!
Published By Mind Fit Publishing

Monday, June 20, 2016

Rare Event Tonight! June 20, 2016 Is A Full Strawberry Moon & The Summer Solstice!

Light Your Candles & Charge Your Crystals!!!

June 20, 2016 Is A Full Strawberry Moon & The Summer Solstice! This Event is a Rare Synchronicity because It Hasn't Happened since 1967 & was known as the "Summer of Love" & won't occur again until June 21, 2062! The Solstice is the 1st Day of Summer & Brings the Longest Day of Sunlight, which Gives Us Powerful Energy to Channel! Tonight is the Only Night in June when the Moon will be in the Sky the Entire Night! Both The Sun & Moon At It's Peak Creates Alchemy Magic! Patterns or Synchronicities Will Be Illuminated From This Powerful Combo! Focus on Your Connection to the Universal Mind or Collective Consciousness. Trust Your Higher Consciousness & Express Your True Self! It's Time to Create Your Own Path & Get Rid of Limiting Beliefs & Patterns. Karmic Energy is Enhanced so be aware of the Thoughts Your Sending out about Yourself & Others! Focus on increasing Unconditional Self-Love & Nurture! Connect with Nature & Appreciate its Gifts! Feel the Beat of Your Heart & be Consciously Aware of its power & connection to the Universal Wisdom! Flow With Your Inner Knowing! Much Love & Light! ;) ♡

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

"inSync Apparel"...Coming Soon!

Mind Fit Apparel Presents: "inSync Apparel"...Coming Soon!...
Created By Ms Masta Foxx & Ms Whizdom

*Our inSync Apparel Line Is Inspired By Synchronicity, Which Are Universal Messages That We Connect With! Many People Notice These Synchronicities, Especially With Repetitive Numbers That Usually Come In A 3 Or 4 Number Sequence, Like The Time. Represent Your Special Numbers With Our Apparel! They Come In Different Colors & Numbers. You Can Even Get Custom Made Apparel With Your Birthday, Your Anniversary Or Specific Numbers That Are Important In Your Life!

**Join Our Mailing List @ For Updated Info, Discounts & More!
Much Love! & ;) ♡
Snapchat: msmastafoxx & mswhizdom

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Custom Hand-Crafted Wrapped Crystal Jewelry Coming Soon!

We Have Custom Hand-Crafted Wrapped Crystal Jewelry Coming Soon On Our New Website

Email Us @ To Be One Of The First People Notified When They're Available For Purchase!

Sunday, June 5, 2016


"Don't Let Anyone Dull Your Shine!"

Crystal Gyrlz~{Ms Masta Foxx/EuphoricWitch & Ms Whizdom/WhizdomWitch}
We're The Creators Of Little Sage House, Crystal Entanglement, Gratitude Crystals & More!
We, Ms Whizdom & Ms Masta Foxx, Are Modern Philosophers & Conscious Alchemists!
***Our Snapchats Are msmastafoxx & mswhizdom ***