Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Are You A Stoned Freq?!

Are You A Stoned Freq?!

High Vibes Only! Stoned Freq Was Created By Crystal Gyrlz, 
Ms Masta Foxx & Ms Whizdom!

Crystal, Chakra Balancing, Herbal/Flower
Meditation/Therapy & More!

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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Energy Readings & Tarot/Chakra Zodiac Card Readings With Ms Masta Foxx!

Get an Energy Reading or Tarot/Chakra Zodiac Card With Ms Masta Foxx. She Channels Universal Energy & Becomes a Vessel for the Universe to speak through. She is also Hypersensitive & feels Subtle Energies that may be hidden! Get a better understanding about a specific question or your life's path! ;)

Services Are Available Online Webcam, Chat, Over-the-phone & In-Person (Local Only).

Sunday, July 3, 2016

07/04/16 Welcoming The New Moon! 🌚🌘🔥*Light Your Candles & Charge Your Crystals !*🔥🌘

07/04/16 Welcoming The New Moon! 
*Light Your Candles & Charge Your Crystals !*

The New Moon is in Cancer. We have been going through Deep emotional transformations & this energy will help Heal & Balance our Inner Energy Flow. Cancer energy brings Strong Creative & Nurturing energy. It is A Powerful time also known as the Womb of Life & it will Birth Inspiration & New Experiences! It's time to live our Visions & Dreams! Channel the Wisdom & Love Energy of this New Moon. Set New Intentions & Trust Your Evolution. Forgiveness, Healing & Self-Love are Important to Focus on!
Much Love & Light! ;) ♡
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